Forex trading

When it comes to Forex trading ThinkMarkets has thought of everything - leading trading technology, fast execution, and low pricing.

Leading technology

From trading platforms through to point of order execution, we provide the best technology for the ultimate trading experience.

Fast execution

By co-locating our trading servers with our institutional liquidity providers, traders benefit from high-speed execution on their orders. 

Low pricing

We deliver market driven spreads across all of our currency pairs including spreads on EUR/USD as low as 0.8 pips.

Wide range of markets

We offer 35 of the most traded currency pairs to give our traders a comprehensive list to choose from, including a combination of:

  • Major crosses
  • Exotic crosses

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Starting with the basics and moving through advanced topics - we will present you with the world of Forex trading and the benefits of trading with ThinkMarkets.

Why trade Forex with ThinkMarkets

At ThinkMarkets we’ve put a strong emphasis on providing a world-class forex trading experience for all of our clients.  We have invested heavily into our cutting-edge ThinkTrader platform, which has been designed with the trader in mind. We have partnered with institutional liquidity providers to ensure that all our clients get competitive and tight spreads as well as our fast and reliable trade executions.  

Flexible Trading Conditions

Our clients are truly free to trade their way. We place no restrictions on the placement on Stop Loss or Take Profit orders. Add pending orders as close to market as you wish. We provide full access to trading news with no extra charges. Account customisation is available to support large single ticket orders up to USD$ 50 Million.

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