Commodities Trading

Diversify your trading portfolio, taking positions on oil (WTI and Brent) as well as natural gas with our energy CFDs without commission.

Commodities Trading With ThinkMarkets

Low prices

No commissions

Take positions on energies without commission when you trade with us.

Low prices

Go long and short

Available 24/6, buy and sell commodity CFDs anytime you want throughout the trading week.

Low prices

High-liquidity market

Known for their high liquidity, take advantage of the opportunities present in the heavily traded commodity markets.

What Are Commodities

Commodities are natural resources traded on dedicated exchanges around the world. Energies, such as oil and natural gas (also called “hard” commodities), offer traders short-term opportunities. Their prices can fluctuate due to a range of production and consumption factors — including the US dollar’s value (with commodities usually priced in USD) as well as economic, political and environmental events.


Commodities Trading Example

You think the price of WTI Oil will appreciate based on global demand. You buy 1 lot of WTI at USD53.11. One lot is the equivalent of USD100 for every USD1 increment in the price movement of WTI Oil. The market is later trading at USD54.11, and you decide to sell. Your profit is USD100 (USD54.11 closing price - USD53.11 opening price x 100 increments).

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How Commodities Trading Works

Our commodity CFDs are offered with a "buy" price and a "sell" price. The difference between the prices is known as the "spread." While trading the movements of the commodity markets, you can decide if you want to go long or short without needing to own the underlying asset.

Why Trade Commodities With ThinkMarkets

Mini contract sizes

Position yourself with our standard and mini contracts while trading WTI and Brent Oils, with flexible leverage up to 200:1.

Trade Commodities on Trade Interceptor

Capitalise on commodity market moves with our advanced and multi-device platform anytime, anywhere.

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