Metals Trading

Trade precious metals, gold and silver, as well as copper live with ThinkMarkets, with spreads from as low as 1 cent and no commissions.

Metals Trading With ThinkMarkets

Low prices

Tight spreads

To optimise your gold, silver and copper trading, we strive to bring the lowest rates possible, from as low as 10 cents.

Low prices

Commission-free trading

There are no commissions to pay on your gold, silver and copper trades with us.

Low prices

Mini contract sizes

We offer Spot Gold in 10 and 100 troy oz contracts, and Spot Silver in 500 and 5,000 oz contracts.

What Are Metals

Thanks to greater price movements and easy access, the precious metals, gold and silver, as well as copper have become popular trading tools. They help to insure traders from risk and market volatility as they have intrinsic value and are seen as “inflation-proof.” Nonetheless, metals can be affected by demand (e.g., the jewellery and automobile industries are major consumers of the precious metals), supply (e.g., yield decline or political turmoil) and other factors.


Metals Trading Example

You think the price of gold will appreciate. You buy 100 oz (1 lot) of XAU/USD at USD1,184.60. One lot is the equivalent of USD100 for every USD1 price movement in gold.

Gold is later trading at USD1,189.70, and you decide to sell. Your profit is USD510.00 (USD1,189.70 closing price - USD1,184.60 opening price x 100 oz).

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How Metals Trading Works

In metals trading there is a "buy" price and a "sell" price. The difference between them is the "spread." You will profit if there is an increase in the asset's value when you trade at the buy price. On the contrary, you only profit if the asset's value falls when trading at the sell price.

Why Trade Metals With ThinkMarkets

Price improvement

Our liquidity and price improvement technology ensures your orders are filled accurately, at the prices you want.

Trade Metals on Trade Interceptor

Manage your gold, silver and copper trades on the go with our bespoke, state-of-the-art platform.

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