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At ThinkMarkets, we believe that giving back is the only way forward for successful corporations. That’s why we sponsor athletes and organizations that resonate with our business strategy – to create positive change in the global communities through charitable initiatives.
Our sponsorships are nothing like the usual exchange of logos and handshake shots. We select our partners based on their charitable work and the causes they support. Sports has the power to inspire, unite and change the world. We align our brand with inspirational sports people to achieve an even greater impact together and make our employees proud about who they work for.

Ring the changes

Amir Khan is Britain’s youngest boxing Olympic medalist and a former light-welterweight world champion. To most people, Khan is known for his successes in the ring. A less known fact about him is his long history of contributing to charitable causes. This is exactly what attracted us to him. With Amir Khan on our side, we are on a mission to help young kids off the streets of London straight into jobs.

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“As a sportsman, young people are more inclined to listen to me than to people they don’t know. If I can pass on any guidance that can change even just one person’s life for the better, I will be very proud.”
Amir Khan
British Boxer - Former light-welterweight world champion
Partnering with ThinkMarkets is a no-brainer for me. They want to help young people and provide opportunities to those who may not otherwise have them, and I am excited to get involved.
Glenn McGrath
Australian Cricketer - Legendary fast bowler

Think 2020

We are delighted to announce that we are supporting Australia’s legendary fast bowler Glenn McGrath. As part of the Think 2020 initiative, we will work with McGrath to achieve two goals; inspire young people in Sydney and London on key subjects such as physical health and financial literacy and empower women interested in working in the financial sector. Welcome on-board Glenn!

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