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A wide range of technical indicators and drawing tools to support your analysis.


Because the desktop is still important

The Trade Interceptor
desktop platform is packed with a wide range of technical indicators and drawing tools to support your analysis. Our trading technology has been developed with the trader in mind, with every feature carefully selected to provide the best user experience possible.


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Advanced, Powerful & Fully Customizable


Powerful technical analysis
80 indicators, 50 drawing tools and 14 chart types

200 cloud-based alerts
Stay on top of the market with free notifications delivered across all your devices

Fully customizable templates
Choose from a multitude of colours, save your templates and access them at the click of a button

Single multi-device login
With a single login and similar interface from all your devices, we guarantee a smooth trading experience across the board



Special feature

Traders Gym

Test your strategy with a live replay trading simulator. Traders Gym is a proprietary live trading recorder that allows you to replay, pause, rewind and fast forward live price action at will. Spend your downtime when the markets are closed replaying your strategies and tactics


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“I’ve been using it for half a year. Highly recommended!”

Tillmann – Germany

“I would recommend this to anyone from novice to professional traders”

Ivan2b - UK

“Simply the best, with the best support.”

Szatiapu – Hungary

“Love the alerts. Makes trading easy.”

Steven15 - US

“Finally a native application for MAC!”

Pete – UK

“Excellent!!! You deserve 5 Stars!!!!!”

Castovilli giuseppe - Italy

“Use it daily for transacting, so fast and so reliable”

Sydney Skip – Australia

“This takes portable trading to a new level. Brilliant!”

Nick Niz – UK

“Just what I was waiting for. Great and I know it is only going to get better”


“Perfect! No need for desktop application.”

Aaron Nash – New Zealand

“6 Stars!. THE best. You have left your competition in the dust.”

Gtrader999 – US

"It's the standard that is required when your hard cash is on the line"

Mark Gavin - Australia

This is a selection from thousands of 5 star reviews written by Trade Interceptor users.
Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Testimonials herein are unsolicited and are non-representative of all clients.

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