What are CFDs?

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are derivative trading instruments that allow you to trade on the price movements of a number of financial markets.
There’s a variety of reasons our clients love CFD trading – let’s look at some of these reasons below.

As with most financial trading, there are costs associated with CFD trading. The costs of CFD trading with us are:

Financing Costs

If you have any open positions remaining at the close of market (5pm New York time) you may incur a holding cost – a charge to keep the position open. This holding cost on your positions can be either positive or negative, based on the movement of the market between close and opening times. Please note: depending on your account type commissions may be charged on trades.


A spread is the difference between the current ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ price of a particular instrument. Whenever you open a CFD trade, you will only start to make a profit once the market has passed the ‘bid’ price if you go long, or passed the ‘ask’ price if you go short..

Start CFD trading on either our very own Trade Interceptor platform or the ever-popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and discover the world of forex trading for yourself.

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