ThinkTrader platform overview

ThinkTrader is our very own proprietary trading platform. Following extensive market research, it's been designed, built and created in-house, with our clients in mind.


The smart platform

ThinkTrader is comprised of widgets – highly-adaptable windows that you can customise to your own needs. Within each widget you can add various sub-screens, such as:

  • Watch lists
  • Charts
  • Account activity
  • Opportunities
  • Dashboard

Watch lists

The watch lists give you a detailed snapshot of prices for specific currencies, indices and energies. You can determine the bid/ask prices, spread size of the instruments and the open, high, low and close prices of the trading day all within this window.

The prices are updated in real time and you can trade any instrument from the watch list with one click of a button.


ThinkTrader’s charts are unparalleled – you can customise the charts to suit your needs by altering the colour scheme, how you’d like to view the price, or even add technical analysis tools such as trend lines, trend channels and Fibonacci retracements.

With ThinkTrader, you can add as many indicators as you’d like to your charts. We offer an extensive range of indicators for all your needs, and you can change the colour scheme and parameters of the indicators as you’d like.

Want to set limit and stop orders at a specific price on the chart with a click of a button? ThinkTrader has you covered – easily set up your buy and sell order buttons on the chart without the need to continuously switch between different screens to set up your orders.

Account activity

Keeping track of your positions, both past and present, is integral for any trader – that’s why we’ve made it possible for you to track and analyse every position you’ve ever placed.

The positions panel highlights the positions that you currently have open, their open P/L and the amount of margin used for each of the trades, while the active orders panel shows your pending orders – giving you details of all your orders and easy ability to cancel the orders.

The order history shows full details of every type of order, position size and status of the order you’ve ever placed.


We’ve built Autochartist directly into ThinkTrader and all of its features can be found in the Opportunities panel.

Within this panel you’ll get full, unlimited access to analysis of various key price levels, chart patterns (such as Head and Shoulders, flag, triangles and pennants) and Fibonacci patterns, as well as plenty of other tools to enhance your trading experience.

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