What to expect from NFP?

Global stocks have been trading the red with the major future contracts for Dow Jones and S&P trading 1.2% lower.
Oil Has been a key driver of volatility recently, WTI at $25.66 with a short-term target of $27.59.

Yesterday, WTI and Brent prices soared 22% and 40%, respectively. President Trump stated there would be an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia to resolve the current decline in Oil and agree about production cut and tweeted a cut of 10 million barrels could be expected.
Moreover, Saudi Arabia yesterday asked OPEC + members to hold a virtual meeting next Monday: a development that gave relief to energy markets and increased positive sentiment. The question remains: can all members within OPEC and outside it agree about the size of the cut?
Unfortunately, yesterday we crossed the threshold of a million Covid-19 infections. Gold, the classic safe haven in times of market stress, is trading higher than the crucial level of $1,600, with expectations of $1,625 an ounce if the prices did not fall back below $1,585 again.

1 million infected:

Yesterday, we began to see the cost of the lockdown in major cities as 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment benefit – after a record 3.3 million last week. Such a huge fall in the employment rate in the US will be reflected in today’s NFP numbers: they are expected to see a decline of about 100 K for the first time since 2010 and an increase in the unemployment rate to 3.8% from the current 3.5%. 

Unprecedent Jobless Claims:

Source: Labour department and Bloomberg 
Governments and central banks will continue to support their economies until we see the peak of the outbreak, and recovery is not expected before that. Volatility and the ongoing rush for the US dollar also will dominate the markets during this period.