Spot Gold Trading

ThinkMarkets offers rate from as low as 10 cents and no contract expiration. Add Spot Gold to your trading strategy with us for lower-cost trading.

Low prices

10 troy oz and 100 troy oz contracts available

Low prices

Diversify your portfolio

Low prices

No contract expiration

Smart Traders’ Safe Haven

Because it is inherently valuable and seen as “inflation-proof,” the gold market has become a preferred destination among experienced traders to hedge their funds. With that in mind, ThinkMarkets is committed to providing you with the following benefits and more to help optimise your gold trading.


Gold Trading Benefits With ThinkMarkets

  • Tight rates, from as low as 10 cents
  • Trade in increments as small as 1 oz
  • No contract expiration
  • Flexible leverage to allow for all trading strategies
  • Trade side by side with forex pairs

Gold Trading Example

You think the price of gold is going to appreciate over the next few hours. You buy 100 oz, or 1 lot, of XAU/USD at the price of USD1,184.60. One lot is 100 oz x USD1,184.60 = USD118,460 (or USD100 for every USD1 movement in the price of gold).

Gold is trading at USD1,189.70 later that day, and you decide to sell. Your profit on the trade is USD510.00 (USD1,189.70 closing price - USD1,184.60 opening price x 100 oz).

Using leverage of 200:1, your initial margin would have been 100 oz x USD1,184.60 x 1 lot / 200 = USD592.30.

Contract Specifications

Contract symbol
Contract size
100 troy oz
Whole increment size
Whole increment value per 1.0 lot
Trading hours (GMT+3)
Monday 01:00 - Friday 24:00


Note: There is a daily 1-hour break from 24:00 to 01:00 (GMT+3).

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