ThinkMarkets Funding Requirements


ThinkMarkets has adopted the following funding requirements for all account holders:

  1. ThinkMarkets does not accept third-party payments. All deposits must originate from funding sources drawn in the ThinkMarkets account holder’s name. Please note that non-refundable transaction fees may apply, which will not be refunded in the event of any third-party funding.

  2. Clients may be required to provide a color copy of their credit card indicating their name, the last four digits of the card number (please cover the rest of the digits), the expiration date, along with their signature, prior to any payments being posted to their account.

  3. ThinkMarkets accepts pre-paid Visa and MasterCard to fund your trading account; however, the cards must indicate clients name, and clients are required to keep the card on file as withdrawals will be processed back to the pre-paid card, up to the original funding amount.

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