Swap-free account

Trade without having to receive or pay overnight swap fees. 

What is a swap-free account?

A swap-free account enables you to trade without incurring any swap fees, also known as “overnight fees”, for positions kept open at the end of each trading day. If you do not wish to receive or be charged swaps, then our ThinkMarkets swap-free account is ideal for you. 


Avoid swap/rollover charges on overnight positions. 

Superior conditions

Enjoy tight spreads and fast execution on all your trades.

Cutting-edge platforms

Choose from 3 platforms: ThinkTrader, MT4, and MT5.

Enjoy six days of no admin fees

At ThinkMarkets, we try to ensure your trading costs are as low as possible, so we don’t charge any administration fees for the first six days your trades are open with us.  

Trades open longer than six days are subject to a daily administration fee, as shown in the downloadable table below.

Open a swap-free account in just 3 steps


Open a ThinkMarkets live account via ThinkPortal.


Provide us with some ID documents to verify your account


Submit a request to our support team to switch to a swap-free account.

Frequently asked questions

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