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PAMM & MAM Investing

You can now build a high quality investment portfolio by investing in Money Managers with full trading history. The track record of our Money Managers is available to review through a Leaderboard updated in real time. 

We bring together Money Managers with investors via two popular investment methods: PAMM and MAM. 

Why join ThinkInvest?

Diversify your portfolio

Choose from a large pool of Money Managers with various strategies and risk profiles.

Create a cash flow

All trading is done by the Money Manager and profits are distributed automatically.

Customisable fees

Choose from multiple fee structures, including performance based only.

In-built safety net

Protect your investment with daily and overall stop-loss limits.

Our Investment Solutions

  • PAMM investing

    • Contribute to a cash pool traded by a Money Manager
    • Profits calculated based on contribution
    • Low starting capital requirements
    • Suitable for investors with little or no previous experience
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  • MAM investing

    • Get the trades of a Money Manager copied in your account
    • Profits replicated based on Money Manager’s performance
    • Starting capital defined by Money Manager
    • Suitable for investors that are familiar with and have experience in trading
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