MAM Investing 

Allow a Money Manager to copy-trade your account

What is MAM investing?

MAM (Multi-Account Manager) is an investment solution that allows investors to trake the markets by allowing a Money Manager’s trades to automatically copy over to their account. The process is assisted by a cutting-edge software that replicates the performance of a Money Manager in the trading accounts of mulitple investors. Compensation includes the agreed performance fee on profits made plus a management commission. Connect with Money Managers and get their trading results automatically copied in your account. 

Benefits of MAM with ThinkInvest

100% Transparent

The performance of our Money Managers is available to review through the Leaderboard allowing you to select based on various performance values.

Fully customizable

Increase your risk/reward in line with your financial goals by requesting larger lot sizes to be traded in your account.

In-built Safety Net

Protect your investment with daily and overall stop-loss limits. 

Highly flexible

Diversify your investment across multiple Money Managers with various trading strategies and risk profiles. 

How much can you earn?

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