Take your technical analysis to the next level with automated trading signals from AutoChartist

AutoChartist features

Experience next-level trading with the popular market opportunity scanner, when you trade with us.



AutoChartist provides you with relevant price movements of any instruments you choose to track — helping to provide a clearer assessment of risk and volatility.

Key levels

Resistance is often encountered at key price levels. With the "Key Levels" feature, AutoChartist automatically identifies these price levels as either "Breakout" or "Approach."

Percentage probability indicators

Each pattern identified by AutoChartist is presented with an automated visual analysis. Using a combination of four unique characteristics, AutoChartist assigns an overall pattern quality score to each pattern.

Customised searches

AutoChartist allows you to specify the exact requirements you are after and filters out any unwanted data — leaving you with the most relevant information for your trading strategies.

Time-saving trading

AutoChartist brings you instant scan results of tradable patterns identified across thousands of symbols, from intraday to end-of-day, improving your trading efficiency.

Custom alerts

AutoChartist has the ability to set up your own custom audio and visual alerts, highlighting any potential opportunities across the instruments you select and wish to track.

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