FX Wire Pro

Stay on top of global financial developments with real-time market news flashes from an established international news agency


Market news as it happens

FX Wire Pro is the world’s leading source of international business news, employing thousands of journalists for business professionals and leading decision-makers globally. FX Wire Pro is known for its strict policy toward upholding objective journalism and delivering critical, trusted information in real time.


Economic commentary

In-depth economic commentary on events that are shaping the markets and the world.

Technical-level reports

Receive detailed analysis of technical reports delivering critical price levels that keep you in the heart of market movements.

Currency and commodities

Access real-time news on currencies and commodity markets and stay informed of key data and new information.

Central bank bulletins

Stay informed of central bank programs and announcements as they unfold and impact global markets.

Energies and metals

Be prepared for changes in energies and precious metals markets with real-time reports and analysis to support your trading.

Event-driven flashes

All news reports from FX Wire Pro are market-driven, keeping you on the front line of market movements.

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