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ThinkMarkets’ edition of carefully selected add-ons easy to integrate with MT4

MT4 Super Indicators

Optimise your trading with our comprehensive package of 15 charting indicators, featuring the Mini Chart, Chart-in-Chart, a Renko Bars generator, magnifier, freehand drawer as well as Keltner and Donchian Channel displays.

Mini Chart

This indicator not only creates a chart in a draggable, resizable sub-window within a main MT4 chart, it also shows the price action on other instruments or timeframes without having to switch between MT4 charts or profiles.

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Pivot Points

Displays traditional pivot points per the high, low and close of trading from the previous day. You can also adjust the basis of the pivot calculation, insert more than one copy of the indicator to a chart and reconfigure the indicator to issue alerts whenever the price crosses one of the pivot levels.

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Highs and Lows

Shows historic highs and lows on a chart. It also comes with a handful of advanced features, such as the ability to let you choose a daily time range so that the high and low are applicable only to core trading hours — especially useful on indices that may have 24-hour pricing.

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Renko Bars

In addition to a normal MT4 chart, this indicator draws Renko bars and generates range bars. It can also produce an offline chart with a more traditional Renko view.

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Chart Group

Besides synchronising chart timeframes, it links charts to allow for the synchronised changing of the symbol across all the linked charts when one chart undergoes such a change.

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Symbol Info

Produces a draggable sub-window inside an MT4 chart that displays up and down signals on multiple timeframes from your selection of indicators (CCI, MACD, etc) as well as the percentage change and current price relative to the high and low of your choice period.

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Indicates areas of possible support and resistance per previous price action, drawn from the current time onwards or a start time of choice. They are colour-coded to identify stronger market activity from the weak.

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Draws the price action for an additional symbol as a sub-window on the main chart and lets you add multiple copies of the indicator to a chart to show multiple symbols — a quick, easy way for price action comparisons on EUR / USD against other symbols.

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Lets you check price activity without having to switch charts or timeframes through the creation of a draggable, resizable sub-window in a main MT4 chart that ‘zooms in’ on the selected bars, presenting them in greater detail from a lower timeframe.

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Order History

Demonstrates historic trading activity against a symbol’s price history. This indicator establishes markers to highlight the entry and exit of each historic position, plus draws bands in the charts to give an overview of when there were open positions — for the chart symbol and any other markets.

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Freehand Drawing

With this you can now draw directly onto a chart — extremely useful when you want a specific area highlighted for, such as, creating a screengrab.

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Bar Changer

Produces an offline chart that contains a modified version of the chart on which the indicator is operating, such as by adjusting the time of each bar or inverting the price.

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Keltner Channel

This indicator lets you set the usual parameters for the Keltner calculation, control the type of moving average and price to use as well as configure itself to generate alerts whenever the current price goes above the upper or lower channel.

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Donchian Channel

Displays the high and low of the last N bars and uses variants such as the average of the last N highs / lows. The indicator can be configured to widen the high-low range by a percentage or a multiple of ATR or SD. It can also show values from a higher timeframe than the current chart.

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Candle Countdown

Indicates the time remaining in the current bar, for the current or any other chart timeframe. The indicator can also be set up to issue alert when a bar is about to close.

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