Indices Trading

Take positions on global indices, from the US30 and UK100 to JPN225 and AUS200. Trade the world’s major markets live with ThinkMarkets.

Indices Trading With ThinkMarkets

Low prices

Low fixed spreads

We work with leading liquidity providers to bring you competitively tight spreads, starting from 0.25.

Low prices

Global market access

Trade world indices with an industry leader, including the US30, UK100, GER30, JPN225 and AUS200.

Low prices

Go long or short

The ability to buy or sell multiple index CFDs simultaneously, at any time, makes it perfect for hedging.

What Are Indices

The measurement of price performance of a group of stocks from an exchange forms a stock index. The index’s value changes with the price — it goes up if the latter increases, and likewise down when there is a drop. Popularly traded indices include the Dow Jones Industrial Average, US S&P 500, FTSE, DAX, Nikkei 225 and ASX200.


Indices Trading Example

You buy 10 contracts of the AUS200 at a price of 5750. The market later moves in your direction, and is trading at 5785. You then close the trade.

The profit will be 5785 - 5750 = 35 point (1 contract = AUD1 per point movement); therefore, the total profit is 35 x 10 = AUD350.

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How Indices Trading Works

Trading index CFDs allows you to diversify your portfolio while taking positions on global equity markets. It is also a hedging instrument, which lets you go short on an index while buying long on other equity stocks in the same market, and vice versa.

Because indices are numbers, you cannot directly own them. To trade them you would need to choose a product that reflects their performance by tracking the underlying index’s price, such as the US30, SPX500, UK100, FRA40, GER30, AUS200 and JPN225.

Since each index is comprised of a number of stocks, their values are constantly changing. As a result, compared with individual stocks, they are more volatile; hence, greater opportunities but also increased risk.

Why Trade Indices With ThinkMarkets

Flexible contract sizes

Position yourself in the markets precisely with our smaller contract sizes, which allow for flexibility and have been designed to meet traders’ individual needs.

Trade Indices on Trade Interceptor

Access and take positions on world indices via our state-of-the-art platform.

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