MetaTrader 4 for Mac

Trade MT4 on any Mac with our customised Mac Installer.

Bringing Automated Trading to the Mac Platform

MT4 was originally built for Windows, but the application is now multi-platform. It can be enjoyed on an array of mobile devices and is available on the Apple™ line of computers. MetaTrader 4 Mac is a truly native application; no emulators or third-party plugins are required.

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No additional software

No additional software

  • Just download and install
  • Full MT4 features
  • No special requirements
Multi-platform access

Multi-platform access

  • Use existing account login
  • Live and Demo Accounts
  • Move between PC and Mac
General trading

Advanced trading

  • Customisable chart settings
  • Trade from charts
  • Save workspace layouts
Quality indicators

Quality indicators

  • Drag and drop features
  • Use multiple indicators
  • Custom indicators supported

Start trading in less than 5 minutes

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Losses can exceed deposits
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