MetaTrader 5

The upgraded version of MT4 is feature-rich and ready to download.

Why trade with MT5?


Building on from the industry’s gold standard MT4, MetaTrader 5 is the latest platform by Metaquotes aimed at traders looking for state-of-the-art features. The platform comes with many additional advantages, including 21 timeframes, 6 pending order types, hedging and netting options and multi-thread strategy tester for EAs.


Benefits of MetaTrader 5 with ThinkMarkets

$1,000,000 Insurance

A ThinkMarkets account protects your funds with a $1 Million insurance policy that comes at no additional cost.

How it works
Spreads from 0 pips*

Trading with a ThinkZero account on MT5 gives you access to razor thin Forex spreads starting from 0 pips*.

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FREE VPS hosting**

Gain total control over the server environment you are trading in with a Virtual Private Server and let us pay for it. **T&Cs apply.

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  • Start trading EUR/USD today from as low as 0 pips.*

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MT4 vs MT5 – What are the differences?

step 1
MT5 offers additional timeframes that allow for more in-depth market analysis

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MT5 offers 2 additional pending order types

FOUR TYPES of pending orders
SIX TYPES of pending orders

Additional MT5 features
Partial order filling now possible
Built-in Economic Calendar
Hedging and netting options
Multi-thread strategy tester

The EA compatibility issue

MT5’s programming language (MQL5) is designed to develop trading robots, technical indicators and scripts, however it is more complex and not MT4-compatible. This means, that if you are an MT4 trader and want to use your custom indicators on MT5, you will have to rewrite the code, as no converting shortcuts are currently available.

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Ready to discover MT5 in more depth?

Make the most of all the new features MT5 has to offer with our comprehensive User Guide that includes:

  • How to set up the Strategy Tester
  • A showcase of trading signals
  • Netting & Hedging Accounts
Download MT5 Guide

Download MetaTrader 5

The ThinkMarkets MT5 app is available to download to your favourite device including mobile, desktop and tablet, and you can also access the platform via web browser, without the need to download any software.

MT5 Mobile MT5 Web MT5 Desktop
Download for Android Direct access Download on Windows
Download for iOS    
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Try MT5 now for free

Thinking of switching to MetaTrader 5? Open a demo account now and you can test drive all the new features with no risk. We’ll add $50,000 of virtual funds for you to trade with and get to know the platform.

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