Trade Interceptor for tablet

Combine Trade Interceptor’s robust trading capabilities with the touchscreen technology of your tablet.

Trading on your tablet just got better

Combine Trade Interceptor’s robust trading capabilities with the touchscreen technology of your tablet. Trading is better with the freedom of portability, which is why we have dedicated significant resources to building the perfect mobile trading app.

Available across a wide range of tablets, you can now access your trading account through your iPad, Android or even your Amazon Fire tablet.


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Innovative analysis and research tools


Trade through the charts
Manage your positions on the global markets directly from your tablet

Robust technical analysis tools
Choose from 14 chart types, 80 technical indicators and over 50 drawing tools

Pip measure function
Measure market moves in pips by highlighting the chart area

Single login
Stay fast and efficient with a single login and similar interface across all your devices



Special feature

Trend-Risk Scanner

Find actionable trade ideas along with expected target prices and recommended close and stop loss levels. TrendRisk Scanner is a powerful risk management tool that scans the markets and spots attractive trading opportunities. Our unique market scanner filters the highest risk-reward trading opportunities based on our proprietary algorithms.


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“I’ve been using it for half a year. Highly recommended!”

Tillmann – Germany

“I would recommend this to anyone from novice to professional traders”

Ivan2b - UK

“Simply the best, with the best support.”

Szatiapu – Hungary

“Love the alerts. Makes trading easy.”

Steven15 - US

“Finally a native application for MAC!”

Pete – UK

“Excellent!!! You deserve 5 Stars!!!!!”

Castovilli giuseppe - Italy

“Use it daily for transacting, so fast and so reliable”

Sydney Skip – Australia

“This takes portable trading to a new level. Brilliant!”

Nick Niz – UK

“Just what I was waiting for. Great and I know it is only going to get better”


“Perfect! No need for desktop application.”

Aaron Nash – New Zealand

“6 Stars!. THE best. You have left your competition in the dust.”

Gtrader999 – US

"It's the standard that is required when your hard cash is on the line"

Mark Gavin - Australia

This is a selection from thousands of 5 star reviews written by Trade Interceptor users.
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