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Best Blockchain-based Innovation Award at City of London Wealth Management Awards

Posted by | 10/04/2018 09:56

ThinkMarkets is proud to announce that we are the inaugural winner of the first Blockchain-based Innovation Award at the City of London Management Awards 2018.

Now in their 15th year the City of London Wealth Management Awards (COLWMA) are some of the most sought-after gongs in the Square Mile. They celebrate distinguished efforts to improve consumer experience in the wealth management industry, and, uniquely, they are awarded after more than 30,000 votes from paying investor have been counted.

Commenting on the award at the ceremony in London’s iconic Guildhall, ThinkMarkets CEO and co-founder Nauman Anees said:

“This is a vote of confidence from the wider industry in innovation, and I’m so proud of our team as we bring the most innovative blockchain project in our industry to the market. The blockchain holds great potential to disrupt financial markets, and ThinkMarkets as a group is at the forefront of this revolution.”

Here’s some information on our project which COLWMA was kind enough to recognise.
ThinkMarkets is launching ThinkCoin, the digital trading token that will underpin TradeConnect, our bespoke multi-asset blockchain-based trading network.

TradeConnect’ s new solution will disrupt the siloed financial and crypto trading exchanges by consolidating the largest selection of financial asset classes, including FX markets, stock, futures, commodities, options, swaps and OTC derivatives.

The forthcoming ICO for ThinkCoin – already in Pre-ICO at a sunstantial bonus rate — is anticipated to be one of 2018’s most compelling and high-value, thanks to ThinkMarkets’ institutional weight, resources and decade-long industry presence.

The network offers a suite of functions that are set to revolutionize the trading space by offering a fast, secure and reliable ecosystem that will enable individuals and institutions to trade without any intermediary or middleman.

TradeConnect has been built for traders by an established team experienced in financial markets. We have created several successful enterprise solutions that have benefitted the trading community. TradeConnect is by far the most dynamic and ambitious project, as we combine the best of fintech and blockchain.

This network will democratize trading, allowing individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another. With ThinkCoin, traders and investors will be able to trade everyday financial products such as Currencies (FX), Equities, Precious Metals, Commodities and cryptocurrencies using a single utility token designed exclusively for trading and investing. 

TradeConnect has several advanced features that make it stand out from other networks such as complex scoring models for liquidity enhancement called Digital Personas, a unique AI engine for predictive modeling of your trades, a trade matching engine that removes commissions and creates a connect fee that allows the trader to take part in a rebate pool based on volume.

At ThinkMarkets, we are dedicated to offering our traders the best trading experience. Winning the Best in Blockchain-based Innovation Award at City of London Wealth Management Awards is yet more proof that innovation is our priority number one. Our promise to the trading community is that we shall continue to operate on this value.

For more information on ThinkCoin and TradeConnect contact [email protected]


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