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Trading hours change for US based markets

Posted by Dafni Serdari | 08/03/2019 10:20

Starting this Sunday (March 10), the US will begin daylight-saving time. This means, US clocks will move one hour ahead. Find out how this affects the trading hours for the relevant markets.

The US is moving their clocks forward this weekend, which will have an effect on the trading hours of US based markets. The below table shows in detail the updated trading hours valid as of Sunday 10 March.

Market Symbol New trading hours (GMT)
FX & Cryptos EUR/USD, GBP/USD etc. Sun 21.00 - Fr 20.59
Dow Jones US30 Sun 22.00 - Fr 21.00
US S&P 500 SPX 500 Sun 22.00 - Fr 20.15
NASDAQ NAS100 Sun 22.00 - Fr 20.15
Nikkei JPN225 Sun 22.00 - Fr 19.15
Brent Oil BRENT Mon 00.00 - Fr 21.00
US Crude Oil WTI Sun 22.00 - Fr 21.00
Natural gas NGAS Sun 22.00 - Fr 21.00
Spot gold XAU/USD Sun 22.00 - Fr 21.00
Spot silver XAG/USD Sun 22.00 - Fr 21.00
Copper COPPER Sun 22.00 - Fr 21.00
Platinum PLATINUM Sun 22.00 - Fr 21.00
Soft commodities future SOYBEANS, WHEAT, COCOA, COFFEE, COTTON Mon 00.00 - Fr 18.30
Equities US GM, SNAP, TESLA etc.  Mon 13.30 - Fr 20.00
MetaTrader 4’s server time will also be switching forward from GMT+2 to GMT+3 this Sunday, which may affect how your Expert Advisors are run. It’s advisable to adjust the time setting on your MT4 account before March 10.

The ThinkMarkets Team

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