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Account Management FAQs

Stumbled across issues with ThinkPortal? Forgot your password? Want to change your settings? Find out the answers for these and more below.




What is ThinkPortal?

ThinkPortal is the secure client area of ThinkMarkets. It allows you to manage your trading accounts, access additional features available only to live account holders and deposit and withdraw funds to your accounts.

How do I register to use ThinkPortal?
You can get access to the ThinkPortal in a number of ways. If you’ve signed up for a live or demo account, you’ll automatically get access. You can also sign up directly for a ThinkPortal account by simply clicking ‘New Account’ on the ThinkPortal login page and filling out the form - https://portal.thinkmarkets.com/en/login

How can I log in?
You can log in to the portal by visiting ThinkPortal and entering your registered email address and password.

I have forgotten my password – what do I do?
At the ThinkPortal login page, click on ‘Forgot Password?’ and enter your registered email address. You’ll then be sent instructions on how to retrieve your login details.

Why can’t I see all the features of the ThinkPortal?
ThinkPortal has some features which may not be applicable to your account type. For example, if you only have a demo account, you’ll not see information on depositing funds. You’ll always see the features applicable to you. As your account type and status changes, your portal access will also evolve.

What is My Profile?
My Profile is the area of the site that stores your personal information, such as your date of birth and contact information. This is automatically populated with information you’ve provided when signing up for your account.

Can I update My Profile?
Your ability to update your profile information depends on the status of your account. For example, if you have a live account already, you are not able to edit your personal details such as your address directly and must email any changes to [email protected].

Can I change my trading account password?

Yes. Please note your ThinkTrader password is the same as your ThinkPortal password. 

If you have forgotten both, please use the "Forgotten Password" link on either ThinkTrader app or ThinkPortal to reset your password for both.

I need to change my leverage – how do I do this?
To make a changes to your account leverage please email your account number and desired leverage from your registered email address to [email protected].

Can I change my account currency?
You are not able to change the currency of your trading account. This is because you may have an existing trading history which would become inaccurate after making such a change. 

How do I apply for a new live account?

You can easily create an additional live account and select your desired currency, and leverage within ThinkPortal by navigating to Trading Accounts > Live Accounts > Create Additional Live Account.

If you have reached your account limit simply email [email protected] with the reason you require an additional account and we will review and increase your limit if approved. 

Can I open additional demo accounts?
Yes, you can. You can easily create an additional demo account and select your desired currency and leverage within ThinkPortal by navigating to Trading Accounts > Demo Accounts > Create Demo Account.

What base currencies can you open an account in?
We offer the following base currencies: AUD, NZD, USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, CAD and CHF.
Please note: Not all account base currencies may be available in your country. You can check which account currency is available within your ThinkPortal when you go to create an additional account.

Can I change my account platform or account type?

Once your account is created you cannot change the platform. Only ThinkTrader is available.

ThinkTrader platform has only one account type, Standard Account. If you want to create another Standard Account, choose Trading Accounts > Create Demo/Live Account.


Deposits and Withdrawals


You can fund your account through any of the methods below:

  • Bank Wire

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Skrill

  • Neteller

To initiate funding within ThinkPortal, select Funding > Deposit Funds. Then select your trading account number and continue on to select your desired method then follow the prompts to fund your trading account.

For more information on depositing funds please visit Deposit Funds

Please note that only certain payment methods are available in your region.

Can I transfer money between my accounts?

Yes, you can transfer any free equity between accounts using the ThinkPortal. From within the Trading Accounts menu,  select Inter-Account Transfer and choose the sending and recipient accounts and the amount. 

Please note that ThinkPortal allows up to 2 inter-transfer transactions within 24 hours.

How do I withdraw funds from my trading account?

To withdraw funds from your trading account, first select Funding > Withdraw Funds in the ThinkPortal. Then select the ‘New Request’ tab. Then complete the online form and your withdrawal request will be processed within 1 business day.

ThinkMarkets has a return to source policy which means funds are typically sent back to the original source in the order of deposits up to the original deposit amount. This means for example, if you deposit through Credit Card, funds up to the original deposit amount must be sent back to the same Credit Card.

For more information on our withdrawal policies please visit Withdrawal of Funds.

Can I see a list of all my deposit and withdrawal transactions?

Yes, you can within ThinkPortal. To see your deposit history navigate to Funding > Funding History.

To see your withdrawal history navigate to Funding > Withdraw Funds > Click the Transaction History and Transaction Summary tabs.

Are there fees for withdrawing funds from my account?

We do not charge fees for deposits or withdrawing funds. However, please note that for Bank wire withdrawals you will be liable for any fees charged by the banks involved in the transaction, including intermediaries. For full details on withdrawals please visit Withdrawal of Funds.

Does ThinkMarkets allow third-party payments?
ThinkMarkets does not allow third-party payments. Funds can only be sent to an account in the same name as the ThinkMarkets trading account.

Statements and Trading History

Can I see my trading history?

You can not see your trading history from within your ThinkPortal. However you can see trading history from within your Trading platform.

For ThinkTrader (Desktop)

Toggle the Bottom panel on. In the bottom right corner you will see your account information, where you can choose between Accounts, and select trades Active, Pending and History. Press the Trading Report button to generate a downloadable report.

For ThinkTrader (Mobile)

Select the Positions screen on the bottom panel to see Open trades, Pending Orders and Closed Trades. To generate a downloadable report you can select the More screen and choose the Reports option.

I need help. How can I contact you?

You can contact us in a number of ways – select ‘Support’ from within the ThinkPortal and you can see our full contact information.

The three main methods are:

One Time Password

How do I verify if I am receiving a phone call from ThinkMarkets?

When you received a phone call from someone claiming to be ThinkMarkets, you can verify if the phone call is actually coming from ThinkMarkets. 

This security feature enable you to identify if you are receiving a scam phone call.
To verify the phone calls:
  • Request a One Time Password (OTP) from the person who is calling you.
  • OTP has 2 parts, 6 digits + 3 digits. For example "123456+789". You will receive this by SMS.
  • Login to your ThinkPortal to verify the OTP.
  • During the time of the call, if you don't have access to ThinkPortal, you can always verify the OTP later whenever it is convenient for you.

  • If you have two mobile phone numbers registered, the OTP will be sent to your second number.
  • If you only have a landline, you will not be able to receive the OTP SMS. Currently we do not have email verification set-up for this process.
  • This is currently only used for phone verification.

How do I verify One Time Password (OTP)?

One Time Password (OTP) has 2 parts, 6 digits + 3 digits. For example "123456+789".

If you have two mobile phone numbers registered, the OTP will be sent to your second number.

If you only have a landline, you will not be able to receive the OTP SMS. Currently we do not have email verification set-up for this process.

To Verify the OTP that you received:
  • Log into your ThinkPortal account at  https://portal.thinkmarkets.com/account/login .
  • Click on "Profile" (1) at the top right.
  • Click on "Personal Information" (2) to check if your mobile phone number(s) are correct.
  • Click on "Security" (3) to expand the menu.

  • Under the Security, click on "One Time Password Verification"
  • Enter the full OTP verification code (4), for example "560089+765".

  • Select "I am human".
  • Click "Submit" to verified.
  • It will show verified if the information you entered are correct.
  • If the information you entered is not correct, it will return "Invalid code".
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