CFD Trading

Spreads from as low as 0.25 points for global indices, and more. Trade CFDs live with ThinkMarkets 24/6.

CFD Trading With ThinkMarkets

Low prices

Low spreads

We provide the lowest available spreads without any commissions to optimise your trading.

Low prices

Small trade sizes

Position yourself wherever you want to, with precision, in the markets with our smaller contracts.

Low prices

Range of products

Diversify your portfolio with our wide range of products, including indices, commodities and energies.

What Are CFDs

Contracts for difference (CFDs) let you buy and sell the price movements of financial markets, such as indices, commodities and oil. By trading CFDs you are opening contracts for the price differences of the assets until you close them. You do not own any assets since you are not physically trading in the underlying market.

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How CFD Trading Works

There are two prices in CFD trading: the “buy” and “sell” prices. The “spread” is the difference between the two. By trading at the buy price, you will profit if the asset’s value increases. By trading at the sell price, you will profit if the asset’s value decreases. Because it is leverage-based, which comes with inherent benefits and risks, you can lose more than your initial deposit.


CFD Trading Example

You buy 3 contracts at 1960.50 on the SPX500. The market price later moves to 1980.7, and you decide to take your profit. The profit, therefore, is 1980.7 - 1960.5 = 20.2 points. With 3 contracts each point is worth USD30, so the final profit is 20.2 x 30 = USD606.

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Why Trade CFDs With ThinkMarkets

Access to global markets

Take positions in rising or falling markets via global indices — from UK100, GER30 and AUS200 to US30, SPX500 and JPN225 — 24 hours throughout the trading week.

Trade CFDs on Trade Interceptor

Take advantage of our wide array of products on our proprietary platform.

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Losses can exceed deposits. Ensure you fully understand all risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.
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