Energy CFDs

Trade energy products with ThinkMarkets using our CFD products.

Energy CFDs

Trade energy products with ThinkMarkets using our CFD contracts.

Trade energy products including WTI and Brent Oil with no requotes and efficient trade execution. Say goodbye to exchange fees and clearing fees; all transaction costs are included in the spread. You can go long or short from the same account. ThinkMarkets provides a generous leverage, as detailed in our ThinkTrader platform and the contract specifications below.


Symbol Abbreviation  Country Currency Exchange Increment Incremental value Average spreads (points) Trading hours (GMT+2)
US Crude Oil WTI US USD NYM – New York 0.01 USD $1 0.04 Mon 00:50 to Fri 00:00
Trading break from
Brent Crude Oil BRENT EU USD ICE - London 0.01 USD $1 0.05 Mon 03:00 to Fri 00:00
Trading break from
Important Note:
All energies are cash CFDs.
The maximum trade size for energies is 100 lot.
The maximum leverage for energies is 200:1
Margin Call Policy: The forced liquidation level is 50% Please review the ThinkMarkets Margin Call Policy for complete details.
Insts Bid Ask Spread
EUR/USD 10632.0 10632.7 0.7
GBP/USD 10632.0 10632.7 0.7
EUR/USD 10632.0 10632.7 0.7
AUD/USD 10632.0 10632.7 0.7
USD/CHF 10632.0 10632.7 0.7

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Losses can exceed deposits

Losses can exceed deposits. Ensure you fully understand all risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.

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