Natural Gas Trading

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The Cleaner Energy CFD

Once seen as a byproduct of oil production, natural gas is gaining popularity globally as a commodity to trade. It is cleaner, economical and efficient, with an array of applications (think home energy), making it appealing to traders.

While the energy and fuel industries are the primary business markets, the electrical sector is a major consumer of natural gas. It is affected by such factors as weather-related demand, gas supply issues and fossil fuel prices. Our NATGAS CFD stems from the NYMEX futures price of natural gas, which enables you to take a position on the energy’s price movement driven by global and US-based factors.


Natural Gas Trading Benefits With ThinkMarkets

  • No commissions
  • Competitive low spreads
  • Flexible leverage for all trading styles
  • Access to risk management tools
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Contracts expire monthly

Natural Gas Trading Example

You think natural gas is going to appreciate over the next few hours. You buy 10 contracts of NATGAS at 2.8550. One contract is USD1 per point movement on natural gas.

Later in the day NATGAS is trading at 2.8920, and you decide to sell and close your trade.

Your profit made is USD370 (2.8920 closing price - 2.6550 opening price x 10 contracts).

Contract Specifications

Contract symbol
Contract size
1,000 mmBtu
Whole increment size
Trading hours (GMT+3)
Monday 01:00 - Thursday 24:00
Friday 01:00 - 23:45

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