Forex Trading

Over 35 major and exotic currency pairs. Tight spreads from as low as 0.1. Fast and reliable execution. Trade forex live with ThinkMarkets.

Forex Trading With ThinkMarkets

Low prices

Competitive pricing

We work hard to deliver market-driven spreads — from as low as 0.1 pips — for all our currency pairs.

Low prices

Fast execution

Our partnerships with institutional technology and liquidity providers deliver to our clients high-speed order execution.

Low prices

Global market access

We offer 38 of the most-traded major and exotic pairs, such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/NOK and AUD/USD.

What Is Forex

The foreign exchange market (aka “forex,” “FX” or “currency market”) is the decentralised global marketplace where currencies are traded over the counter. It is the world’s largest, most liquid and fastest-moving financial market, with over USD5 trillion flowing through daily. It lets you trade currencies 24 hours throughout the trading week.


Forex Trading Example

Forex pairs are typically quoted to five decimal places. The fluctuation of the fourth decimal point (0.73700) is known as a pip (stands for “percentage in points” or “price interest point”). It is the movement of these pips that will determine your profit or loss.

For example, we sell one contract AUD/USD at a price of 0.73700. After some time the market moves in our direction and is trading at 0.73200. We decide to take our profits and close the position. The profit made will be: 0.73700 - 0.73200 = 50 pips (1 lot = USD10 per pip); therefore, the total profit is 50 x 10 = USD500.

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How Forex Trading Works

Forex trading is the buying of one currency (the base) and selling of another (the quote). You predict if the base will strengthen or weaken against the quote, which determines whether you will profit or lose.

If you believe the market will rise (“appreciate”), you would go long (“buy”); if you believe the market will fall (“depreciate”), you would go short (“sell”).

Why Trade Forex With ThinkMarkets

Flexible trading conditions

We have no restriction on “stop loss” or “take profit” order placements. Additionally, we offer multiple order types, such as limit orders, stop entry orders and "one cancels other" (OCO) orders. Account customisation is also available for single-ticket orders up to USD50 million.

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