European Indices Record Remarkable YTD Performance | Bitcoin Holds 9K Level | Irish Border Control Presents Challenge

Posted by Naeem Aslam | 01/12/2017 08:29

  • May’s Brexit At Risk Due to Irish Border
  • Us Tax Outcome awaited
  • OPEC’s win push oil higher  
  • Bitcoin stay above 9K for now

December is here and investors are going to look for the traditional Santa rally. The trading volume would start to fall as we move closer to the holiday season because traders and investors would start participating in the celebration of the festival season. This particular year we have seen some remarkable gains for the European indices and FTSE MIB takes the medal with a YTD gain of 16.29% and DAX is up 13.44%.   

Thanks to the ECB’s monetary policy which enabled good times for smaller companies. Hence, there is no surprise that European economic data consistently showing signs of strength. Smaller businesses make the backbone of the euro-zone economy and the earning season confirmed that small and medium-sized firms have once again picked up steam. Countries like Greece, which were facing hurdles in igniting the growth have also started to show more encouraging signs. The SMEs are optimistic about the future which is backed by their turnover.

The dollar bulls had a setback yesterday and the outcome of the US tax bill wasn’t what they were hoping for. The US decided to delay the vote and hold Donald Trump from celebrating his victory by another day. The collapse of the voting process took place due to the failure of a compromise, something which we are used to. The points of disagreement included changes in the tax cut expiration. The dollar index could reverse its losses if the US tax reform bill finally sees the sunlight today. 

When it comes to the Brexit negotiations, the Irish border issue remains very active without any solutions. Theresa May would have to utilise the weekend and think outside the box to find a solution for this. The solution must be in the form of dessert which the EU’s Jean Claude could enjoy during his lunch meeting with May on Monday. The agenda for May is to make her decision on the control points in Northern Ireland, and if she decides to go with no border option, it would make matters tough for her given her relationship with the DUP party.

Bitcoin had another volatile session yesterday which makes many in the industry to question if it has the ability to act like a currency. For now, we are holding the level of 9K but it does look likely that bitcoin may break this level and that would create another headline. The daily moves are just mammoth and if Bitcoin is going to become a form of currency, first it needs to show stability. Institutions are supporting and adopting the blockchain technology without any doubt, however, the concept of cryptocurrency under the current circumstances is something which is making them nervous and not many are on board with this idea

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