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Take advantage of the rising global demand, trade copper without owning the underlying asset with industry leader ThinkMarkets.

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Trade Increasing Copper Demand

Copper is the world’s third most popularly mined metal, behind aluminium and iron. Because it is corrosion- and bacteria-resistant, and an excellent electricity conductor, it has been a popular metal for industrial applications. It is indispensable in microwave ovens, wiring, piping and printed circuit boards.

With the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation of the developing world, since 2011 its production has been going up. China and India are the main consumers. Meanwhile, the leading copper producers are Chile, Peru and China. Also, the public’s move towards cleaner energy and, hence, increasing demands for solar panels and electric cars will drive copper’s production and price. It is essential to the manufacturing of these goods.

Capitalise on the volatility, trade global demand for copper with our COPPER CFD. Based on COMEX copper futures, you can take a position on copper’s price movement without owning the underlying asset.


Copper Trading Benefits With ThinkMarkets

  • Competitive low spreads
  • No commissions
  • Flexible leverage for all trading styles
  • Contracts expire monthly
  • Online risk management tools

Copper Trading Example

You think copper is going to appreciate over the course of the day. You buy 10 contracts of copper at 2.6400. One contract is USD1 per point movement on copper.

Later in the day copper is trading at 2.6750, and you decide to sell and close your trade.

Your profit made is USD350 (2.6750 closing price - 2.6400 opening price x 10 contracts).

Contract Specifications

Contract symbol
Contract size
1,000 lbs
Whole increment size
Trading hours (GMT+3)
Monday 01:00 - Thursday 24:00, Friday 01:00 - 23:45

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