MetaTrader 4 Tips and Tricks

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Learn MetaTrader 4 Inside and Out

The industry standard MetaTrader 4 platform has truly robust functionality, starting with basic order placement going all the way up to complex forms of system trading and trade copying. In this guide, ThinkMarkets analyst Matt Simpson shares some of his tips and tricks for getting the most out of the MT4 platform.

The main points discussed in this guide are as follows:

  • How to customize the layout of the MT4 platform
  • Keyboard shortcuts that will save you time
  • How to quickly implement simple modifications to the platform
  • Creating an indicators favorite list to utilize just the indicators you
  • Building a trading checklist within MT4
  • Creating an "indicator of an indicator" and other forms of advanced indicator usage
  • Optimizing your cross-timeframe analysis
  • Tips to help you scale in an out of positions
  • Using automated trailing stops
  • Setting alerts
  • View and export your historical trade analysis

Mastering MT4 is no substitute for developing robust analysis, but understanding its finer points can help you execute the strategy you have precisely and efficiently.

Complete the form on this page to download the MT4 Guide as well as all the other guides from ThinkMarkets. Enjoy a free preview of the Table of Contents below.

MetaTrader 4 Tips and Tricks
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