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Quickly Learn to Trade CFDs Like a Pro

The CFD guide is meant for those who are brand new to trading, and would like a simple and clear introduction of how CFD trading works. The guide starts by explaining what CFDs are, and goes into the mechanics of trading them via the MT4 platform. If you're struggling with the descriptions of ThinkMarkets' product offering as presented on the site, this guide may help clarify the opportunity present in trading CFDs and how one can go about participating in the market.

To download the guide in PDF format, complete the form on this page. Note that completing the form will allow you to download our entire collection of guides, from beginner to advanced. Enjoy a free preview of the Table of Contents below.

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    Risk Warning 3
    Overview of CFD Markets 4
    Range of CFD Markets 4
    Trading Platform overview - Desktop, Web, and Mobile 4
         Market Data 5
         Charts 5
         Order Entry Ticket 5
         Trade Panel 5
         Desktop, Web, and Mobile 6
    Entering and Exiting a Trade 6
         Margin and Leverage 6
         The Order Ticket 7
    CFD Opportunities in Many Markets and Both Directions 8
    Learn More About CFD Trading - Free Webinars 8
10 Tips to Successful Trading
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