Market Trends

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Learn to Quickly Identify Trends

The Market Trends guide serves as an introduction to technical analysis. It starts by providing an overview of what technical analysis is, contrasting it with fundamental analysis, before breaking down trend analysis into four segments:

  • Trend Components: This portion of the guide defines the term "trend," and highlights the components of a trend
  • The Trend Identification segment of the guide focuses on helping traders learn how to identify trends in the market by spotting the previously discussed trend components in the price charts of assets.
  • Next, the Trend Reversals segment highlights what signs traders can look for to understand when trends may be coming to an end.
  • Lastly, the guide covers the topic of trends within trends: by examining price charts on multiple timeframes, traders can learn to spot a downtrend within a larger trend, and vice versa. This can then lead to more advanced strategies involving trading across multiple timeframes.

For traders seeking to understand technical analysis, trend analysis is at the heart of the matter. Register to get this guide as well as all the other guides we offer to begin your education in technical analysis. Enjoy a free preview of the Table of Contents below.

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    Risk Warning 2
    What is Technical Analysis 3
    Technical vs Fundamental Analysis 3
    Trend Components 4
         Peaks & Troughs 4
         Phases 5
    Trend Identification 6
         Higher Highs (HH) and Highter Lows (LL) 6
         Moving Averages 7
         Trendlines 8
    Trend Reversals 9
         Identifying Potential Reversals 9
    Trends Within Trends 10
         Primary, Secondary, and Minor Trends 10
         Trend Trading with Multiple Timeframes 12
         Summary 13
    Reduce Your Learning Curve 13
Market Trends
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