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ThinkMarkets’ live trading room is a real-time trading experience. Unlike a “signal” service, the management of a trade doesn’t end when an order is filled. By joining the live room, you’ll gain insight into:
  • a pre-trading routine to determine likely price movement and likely sharp price movements using powerful order flow analysis. You’ll be constantly amazed by how frequently we determine market movements ahead of time
  • how to use market queues for the tight risk entries
  • when to reduce the initial risk and when to completely remove the risk
  • when to take partial profits and when to take complete profits
  • how to recognize a trade failure and exit at a more favorable price than the stop-loss

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How the live trading room operates


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  • Real-time market analysis and trade opportunities from an experienced trader
  • Broadcasting for a minimum of nine hours a day, five days a week


Watch live trading as our team enter and exit live trades while managing the risk.



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