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Easter Holiday Trading Hours

Posted by Jai Bifulco / 12/04/2017 11:43.

Due to the Easter holidays and in Australia Anzac Day falling on Monday the 17th April, there will be trading hour changes for certain markets. Ple...

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ThinkMarkets Implements Global Payments Coverage with PayPal

Posted by Jai Bifulco / 20/03/2017 17:13.

ThinkMarkets announces new partnership with PayPal, providing even more range and diversity in payment facilities for its clients.

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ThinkForex rebrands to ThinkMarkets and launches ThinkTrader - Its own proprietary trading platform

Posted by Aldin Music / 06/07/2016 16:37.

London, July 7th 2016 - ThinkForex, the leading provider of financial derivatives trading, has rebranded to Thi...

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Server time change to GMT+3

Posted by Aldin / 10/03/2016 18:03.

Please note that due to the start of US Daylight Savings Time this weekend, 12-13 March 2016, we’ll be updating our MetaTrader 4 server ti...

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ThinkForex launches ThinkAffiliates with Some of the Highest CPA Rates at $1000 & customisable Marketing Tools

Posted by Aldin / 24/02/2016 23:50.

London February 25th 2016: ThinkForex, a global provider of financial derivatives trading including FX, CFDs and financial Spre...

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ThinkMarkets waives deposit and withdrawal charges in new campaign

Posted by Aldin / 10/02/2016 16:19.

London, 11 February 2016: ThinkMarkets, a global leader in foreign exchange (‘forex’, ‘FX’), metals and...

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