Legal and Regulation



TF Global Markets (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (“ThinkMarkets”) is an authorized financial services provider, FSP 49835.

Client Money Handling

The client funds are initiated, monitored and dispersed in accordance with strict client financial rules, and no effort is spared in maintaining the integrity of the funds being traded on our platform. All client free margin* is held in trust accounts with Standard Bank and is separate from the operating funds. The Finance team performs daily reconciliation of client assets and liabilities in accordance with our regulatory guidelines.

*Free Margin is the amount of funds not in use as margin requirements for holding open positions. For example, If you have equity of $1,000 on your account and the total margin requirements are $250, the free margin amount is $750.

Data Protection

ThinkMarkets is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguards your personal and financial information with maximum care. We employ leading security software and systems and have strict procedures in place to protect your information.

Legal Documentation

To view all associated legal documentation, see our legal section.


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