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AML Policy


Anti-Money Laundering Policy

TF Global Markets (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (“ThinkMarkets”, “we”, “us”) collects and verifies the personal identification data of our account holders, while logging and tracking itemized statements of all the transactions that are carried out by our clients. Prior to opening an account with ThinkMarkets, a valid form of government-issued identification (Driver's License, State ID, or Passport), a proof of residence, and bank account information is required, along with your completed account application. All client funds are held in separate, segregated accounts that are designated only for client deposits and withdrawals
Additionally, ThinkMarkets

  • tracks all suspicious transactions of our clients, and transactions executed under non-standard trading conditions;

  • monitors funding from various bank accounts outside of the account holder's home country;

  • performs its actions on the basis of the anti-money laundering framework set forth by the Financial Action Task Force;

  • neither accepts cash deposits nor disburses cash under any circumstances;

  • does not accept third-party deposits of any kind;

  • matches each deposit to the account name on file for that customer;

Account Opening Procedures - Know Your Customer Policy (KYC)


Prior to opening an account, ThinkMarkets shall document the identity, nature of business, income, source of assets, and investment objectives of each prospective customer.

While we welcome clients from all over the globe, governmental restrictions along with our company policies prohibit us from opening accounts originated from the restricted and/or OFAC, FATF, European Union sanctioned countries.


Account Opening Requirements and Framework:

Photo ID -The following are acceptable forms of photo identification:
  • A valid passport
  • A valid government ID, such as a Driver's License or State ID
  • A valid National Identity Card
*Please note that all photo IDs are verified through third-party compliance software.

Proof of Residence - The following are acceptable forms of proof of residence:
  • A utility or phone bill, or a bank statement
  • All proof of residences must be current and not outdated by more than 90 days
Bank Account Requirements
  • All account holders must have a valid bank or credit card account in their name
  • The bank statement should show their name and the same registered address as their application

Compliance Summary

The compliance procedures listed above are only brief synopsis of the high-level guidelines observed by the TF Global Markets (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd compliance team. A detailed copy of our compliance policy is available for qualified institutions, regulatory bodies, and related counterparts. For additional questions concerning TF Global Markets (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd policies, please feel free to contact our Compliance department. No substitutions or modifications will be accepted to the above requirements, TF Global Markets (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd Compliance department reserves the final determination regarding the validity of the documents.

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