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ThinkMarkets’ edition of carefully selected add-ons easy to integrate with MT4

MT4 Super Apps

Maximise trading opportunities by utilising our full suite of 12 sophisticated apps, including advanced trade execution and management, decision assistance, alarms and messaging facilities, delivery of market news and data.

Sentiment Trader

Shows sentiment in real time, i.e., the number of traders who are trading long or short. It also displays historic sentiment vs price and current sentiment on multiple symbols.

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Session Map

An interactive world map that shows opening and closing times of major markets (New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo) plus session-related news events.

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Trade Terminal

A feature-rich trade execution and analysis tool that allows for precision trading, automated scaling out from positions, analysis of open positions and templates for frequently used order entries.

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Mini Terminal

This extension to the Trade Terminal shows the same deal ticket as the Trade Terminal’s in the context of a particular trading chart.

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Alarm Manager

A personal trading assistant that notifies you and your social media followers on events. It also performs automated actions that include opening positions and sending emails.

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Excel RTD

Lets you enter real-time account, ticket and price data into Excel based on simple formulas. You may also send trading commands from Excel (or any other COM environment) via the app with basic programming skills.

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Market Manager

Enjoy the convenience of having full control over symbol watchlists as well as all account and order activity from one small window. You can select symbols, view recent price activity, place market and pending orders and modify existing positions.

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Correlation Matrix

Provides you with useful market information on different time scales that enables you to make better decisions. It also shows correlation between the markets and highlights areas of low or high correlation.

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Correlation Trader

Allows you to compare correlation between two symbols and trade emerging differences. It also displays recent price activity and any open positions in the selected symbols.

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Tick Chart Trader

Showcases a range of tick charts (traditional tick-by-tick line charts, timed tick charts, tick bars / candles) and enables speedy order entry via mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts.

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Stealth Orders

With this app you can hide pending orders from other traders and place stealth stop-losses and take-profits. It also waits for an entry price to be hit before buying and selling at market.

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