Spread Betting

Spread bet with ThinkMarkets, trade global market moves from as low as 0.5 and tax-free*, with no separate commissions to pay.

Spread Betting With ThinkMarkets

Low prices

Competitive spreads

We offer tight spreads to help optimise your trading, from as low as 0.8 points on EUR/USD and 0.4 on WTI.

Low prices

Variety of instruments

Vary your portfolio by spread betting across our array of products, from forex and indices to commodities and energies.

Low prices

Tax-free trading

Exemptions from capital gains tax and stamp duty in the UK make it a tax-efficient way to take advantage of rising and falling markets.

What Is Spread Betting

Spread betting lets you speculate on rising and falling markets, including forex pairs, indices, energies and commodities. It is increasingly popular in the UK due to exemptions from capital gains tax and stamp duty*.

* Spread betting is tax-free and available only in the UK. Tax laws, however, may change and can vary by jurisdiction and clients' personal circumstances. We do not provide tax advice.


Spread Betting Example

In spread betting, a market’s movement is measured in points. The amount of points a market moves determines your profit or loss.

For example, we buy £2 per point of GBP/USD (also known as "Cable") at 1.4330. The margin required is 2 * (1.4330 * 10 000) / 200 = £143.30. The market starts moving in our direction, and we close for a 30-point profit at 1.4360. The total profit is 30 * 2 = £60.

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How Spread Betting Works

You are quoted a “buy” and a “sell” price when opening a spread bet. The “spread” is the difference between them. You do not own the underlying asset but bet on the instrument's movement. The more favourable market moves are, the higher your profit. The greater they are against you, however, the bigger your loss.

Spread Betting vs CFD Trading

While there are similarities, there are also differences, with unique advantages, between the two products.

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Why Spread Bet With ThinkMarkets

24/6 availability

Spread betting is available 24 hours throughout the trading week. Our dedicated client service team is ready to assist you for as long as it runs.

Spread bet on Trade Interceptor

Trade tax-free on our cutting edge, fully customisable platform.

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Losses can exceed deposits. Ensure you fully understand all risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.
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