MORNING CALL: Trump Should Not Be Allowed To Architecture Brexit

*Trump is back in the UK and politicians may end up playing into his tactics * Trade strom shifts into higher gear 

The month of June has some serious work to do to recover from the brutal losses of the previous month. Safe haven is the name of the trade as China retaliated with its own tariff hikes on US goods last Saturday.
Treasury yields have tumbled, and the gold price has gone through the roof, thanks to the ongoing trade war between the world’s two biggest economies. Traders pushed the price of gold higher, surpassing the critical level of 1300 on Friday, as many investors see a higher chance of recession taking place if both countries do not change their stubborn behaviour.
Well, Beijing has always welcomed the idea of drawing the line under all of this, on the basis of mutual respect. However, the Trump administration is determined to do whatever it takes to bully its way in, and so far, China has made it clear; Mr Trump has picked up a fight with a wrong country.
Nonetheless, the appetite for riskier assets has really waned among investors and the heavy sell off that we experienced on Friday is back on track.
US futures and European markets are trading lower as investors factor in the full force of the trade war storm. Mr Trump has also added India to his tariff list, it seems like this storm is going to destroy all relationships that the previous administrations built upon.
Back in Europe another storm is brewing, Donald Trump will be visiting the UK. The fear is that he is going to create more divide among the law makers, and this is the last thing Britain needs right now. The question is, why do we need to care about who Mr Trump supportsin the race to No. 10? Trump should not be the architect of the UK's future. The country's law makers should understand this and they should not be afraid of him. They must stop him trying to divide the country further.
Despite all of this, it is wise to keep an eye on Sterling's volatility. We are expecting higher volatility for the currency this week. Business owners do not want to leave Europe without any deal. Well most of them are actually hopeful that perhaps another referendum would be enough to save the UK from this Brexit chaos. 
To conclude, candidates for the British prime minister position are busy finetuning their Brexit stances and this is going to keep the traders on the edge this week.