ThinkZero Account – Zero spreads trading

Upgrade your trading to razor-thin spreads starting from zero and super tight commissions.

Up to 500:1 Leverage

Raw FX spreads from 0 pips

500 minimum deposit

$3.5 commission per side (100,000)

What is zero spreads trading?

Think of your broker as a bridge between institutions and traders. Typically, a broker gets raw prices from the institutions, adds a mark-up and transmits them to the traders. A zero spreads accounts allows traders direct access to raw spreads, without any mark-up. That’s how you get access to lowest possible forex spreads. All you have to pay is a small commission.

How do we achieve it?


Our ThinkZero spreads not only start from zero, they also average at an impressive 0.1 pips. To achieve this, we have ensured two elements are in place: a large pool of liquidity providers, i.e. institutions offering prices, and state-of-art trading infrastructure to transmit the prices to you.

Our servers are hosted in Equinix’s LD5 and HK4 data centers, the world’s largest trading ecosystem with a record uptime of 99.99%. It is this low latency infrastructure that allows us to provide you raw spreads with the fastest execution speed available.


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The race for the best zero spreads account is on

  • Ultra-thin FX spreads from 0 pips
  • Average spread at 0.1 pips*
  • 3.5 commission per side (100,000)
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*Typical spreads during normal market hours. Spreads may vary. 
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