Trading guides

Free guides to help you get started with trading and market analysis.

Download your choice of free trading guides provided by ThinkMarkets. These useful guides cover a wide range of trading topics, from technical analysis to market psychology, making them perfect for both novice and expert traders. Choose your guide and get started today.


Beginner Guides are designed for those who are brand new to forex trading, and still getting acquainted with the terms and basic mechanics of order placement and how the market works.

Also Review FX University

Also Review FX University

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Intermediate trading guides

Once you've gotten the basics down, the next step is to understand the building blocks of market analysis. The guides in our intermediate section were specifically designed with that in mind.

Advanced trading guides

After understanding the basic mechanics of trading and market analysis theory, the final phase is to put the concepts together into an actionable plan that will work for your trading style.

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