EU WRAP: Markets Soar On More QE Hopes; Fed Minutes Due Later

*A small trade deal is expected
*UK parliament prepares for an emergency weekend meeting
*Trump vows to stonewall impeachment threats


  • The S&P 500 jumped 0.65% but still traded below the 50-day moving average as of 15:17 London Time.
  • The Stoxx Europe 600 Index soared by 0.75%, consumer discretionary sector led the rally with again of 1.40%.
  • The SPX VIX index dropped -5.23 because of the possibility of a trade deal, the VSTOXX also fell -3.47%.
  • The UK 100 index rose 0.40% and made a high of 7196.
  • The  Dollar Spot Index is off -0.51% from its record high. However, the index dropped -0.08% today ahead of FOMC minutes.
  • The Euro gained 0.26% against the dollar. It wasn’t able to climb above the 1.10 mark today.
  • The British recouped some of the lost ground and gained 0.02% while the possibility of no-deal Brexit looms.
  • The Japanese yen dropped 0.21%  to 107.38 per dollar.
  • West Texas Intermediate crude jumped nearly 0.93% and made a high of 53.89. The US crude inventory data reported a number of 2.93m/b, a much stronger number than the forecast of 1.8M
  • Gold futures advanced 0.54 percent to $1,508 an ounce.